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Glasgow Times

Misc. Articles 1881-1935 - Glasgow Times, Barren County, KY

8 Dec. 1881 [A letter from Preacher Browder to the people of Glasgow thanking them for their hospitality while he was in Glasgow on his circuit]

"...will conclude by saying your correspondant had a most delightful evening last week at the hospitable home of Mr. H.C. Curd of this city where he had been invited to tea with Misses Laura Moss and Lettie Trigg. Quite a pleasant surprise followed by a most enjoyable ocasion."

Very Truly, R.W. Browder

Dated Dec. 3, 1881 922 Chestnut Street Louisville, KY

"Charles Renfro is giving to John Davasher's house a white coating. Charles says he knows how to ply his brush." [News from Pageville]

Wednesday, 7 June 1882 "We regret to learn that Mrs. James T. Smith, daughter of Mr. Schuyler M. Renfro and whose illness was mentioned in the Times a short time since, died at the residence of her husband near Dry Fork, on Friday, May 26th. Mrs. Smith was a lady of great loveliness of character..."

14 January 1885 "Mr. S.E. Renfro closed his school at this place on the 24th. [Barren County news from Green Plot, Jan. 1, 1885]

Wednesday, 21 January 1885 " Mr. H.G. Jewell, who lives near Pageville, came near being seriously burned last Sunday night. Mr. Jewell was on his way to this place and came as far as Mr. Willis Renfro's near Dover, where he put up for the night. During the night, fire popped out on the bed clothing, and when Mr. Jewell awoke the bed clothes were all in flames. Mr. Jewell sprang up and after a considerable scuffle, extinguished the fire..."

4 February 1885 "Mrs. Lewis, widow of the late Jack Lewis who lived near Glasgow Junction died this week. She had been an invalid for a long while and being quite old, her death was not unexpected. She was a kind hearted Christian lady and leaves many friends and relatives to mourn her departure." [News from Smith's Grove]

11 February 1885 "Bros. Tom Lewis and Simon Settle are holding a protracted meeting in our village and several have made professions of religion."

18 February 1885 "Mr. H.D. Ralston sold to Mr. Brad Smoot a farm of 170 acres for $1,350. [News from Bruce]

18 March 1885 "Mr. W.B. Renfro is in very bad health..." [Bruce, 10 March 1885]

"Mr. Simon Settle preaches at Rocky Hill every first Sunday..."

19 October 1887 "Mr. E.B. Lewis, a few days ago shipped his two year old 'Artist Jr.' colt to Mr. Robert Brackett, of Water Lick, VA. Mr. Lewis got $340 for the colt."

"W.P. Ralston returned last week from Louisville with a large and well selected stock of fall and winter goods, which he has marked lower than ever."

"Miss Mollie Renfro, of Glasgow Junction, was visiting at Mr. W.J.T. Renfro's last week."

"Our Billy Ralston was among the selected few who attended the reception at Mr. John Preston's last week."

"Mr. George Devasher died at the home of his father, Mr. Tom Devasher last Monday, and was buried yesterday at the Jewell burying ground. There will be many who will mourn his death." [From Pageville, Oct. 1, 1887.]

2 November 1887 "The following settlements were accepted and confirmed by the court: J.S. Stovall, guardian Lyttleton John, H.D. Ralston, guardian Howe Ralston..."

"Mr. Bud Lewis is just up from a severe spell of chills and fever, looking somewhat on the order of Banquo's ghost. There is no better cleverer gentleman in the county than Bud Lewis and the Times in connection with his numerous friends all over the county, wishes him a speedy and complete recovery."

9 November 1887 " Mr. John Lewis, of Glasgow Junction, is buying fat hogs extensively through this precinct and the Cave City country. He has paid 4 1/2 c. for good ones."

"Mrs. J.W. Compton died at her home in Edmonton, a few days since of consumption...and her death is a severe blow to her friends. She leaves a husband and two or three children to mourn her loss."

"Miss Tippie Renfro of Roseville was visiting relatives here last week. [Bruce, dated 2 Nov. 1787.]

23 December 1887 "Mr. G.Y. Renfro, son of S.M. Renfro, who has been extensively engaged in the lumber business at Norfolk, VA for some time, is here on a visit to his father's family. [Glasgow Junction, November 14, 1887]

18 January 1888 "Dr. Renick has moved to his farm on the river..." [Rocky Hill]

"Renfro and Bros. of Bruce, have contracted with G.H. Jewell and Son to put in a hydraulic ram which will force the water from their spring to the top of the hill, a distance of 80 feet, where it will be convenient to the house and barn." [Pageville, dated 13 Jan. 1888]

"Mrs. Lucinda Renfro started to one of her neighbors last Monday when she fell and broke her arm."

11 July 1888 "Mr. W. J. Lewis of Horse Cave has sold his livery outfit in that place to Messrs R.V. Vaughn and son and will leave shortly for Coldwater, Mississippi, where he will engage in the same business. Mr. Lewis is an enerjetic young man, and will succeed wherever he goes."

No date "The Texas fever struck Old Rocky Hill with paralyzing effect, and with disasterous results to the citizenship of that excellent section. The following named citizens of the Rocky Hill Precinct will leave for Texas to make that state their home- the 26th Charles J. Lewis and family, J.R. Green and family, George Green and family, C.A. Green and family, John Doty and family, John Y. Parker and family, George Hawks and family, Davis Hawks and family, James R. Kidd and family, John Jewell Jr. and family, W. H. Butler and family,l and John Hackney Butler. W.A. Settle, D. Payne, Roscoe Payne, and Wm. Payne have already gone."

November 18, 1909 - Killed By Tree
Schuyler Harrison, the seventeen year old son of Mr. George Harrison, of the Tracy country, was accidently killed by a falling tree Tuesday. The young man and his father, with another gentleman, were in the woods cutting timber, when a tree, which they had cut, split and flew back, striking young Harrison in the abdomen, injuring him so that he died a few hours later. He is said to have benn a fine young man, and his parents have the profound sympathy of the whole community.

November 14, 1935 - Ernest Floyd Harrison Dead as the Result of A Shooting Affair
    Floyd Harrison,   of Austin, age 31 died at T J Samson Community Hospital here Sunday afternoon at 12:00 O'clock following wounds received from a pistol shot through the intestines during an altercation with Brownie Carver as 16 at the close of the polls at Austin precinct in South Barren County on Election Day November 5th.
    Harrison was rushed to the community hospital here following the shooting where attending physicians pronounced his condition as very critical. The bullet from the pistol struck the victim in his intestines and lodged, making an operation necessary. Harrison submitted to several blood transfusions in an effort to save his life, which proved futile. Little hope was held for his recovery from the start.
    The shooting occurred around 4:30 O'clock when Harrison and Carver were alleged to have taken part in an argument between two other boys. It is said Carver jerked a gun from his bosom and shot Harrison in the intestines and fired tow more shots the went astray. Witnesses stated that Harrison wrenched the gun away from Carver's hand and beat him over the head with it. Carver's head was treated after the shooting.
    Harrison is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harrison of Austin, two brothers Messar Harrison, Earl Harrison of Austin, four sisters Mrs. Johnny Gosnell, Austin, Mrs. C.E. Kingrey, Armstrong, Illinois, Mrs. Hazel Scott, of Tracy and Mrs. Rosa Mae Minyard of the Peters Creek section.
    Funeral Services held Tuesday afternoon at the Pleasant Home Church near Tracy. Burial in the cemetery at that place.

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