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Family Histories

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Burks Family Tree by Elven Zongker Biographies Board - Barren Co, KY - Rootsweb - (+400 bios posted by Sandi Gorin)
Chrystal's Family GenealogyAmos, Bailey, Crain, Devore, Dickinson, (Fitz)Gerald, Houston, Kidd, Martin, Matthews and McCann Biographies - Kentucky - search the entire state
Coats Family by Gwen Goff Hobbs Clack, John W.
Cockrill Cockrill Family Association Collins, Floyd-"The Tragedy of Sand Cave"by Howard Hartley
Combs &c Families Combs Family Association Doyle, Brian - Professional Baseball
Darlymple, Deweese, Mauk, McCoy, etc. by Lois Card Doyle, Denny - Professional Baseball
Davidson, Alexander & Sarah Ellis, Descendants of or Doyle, Denny - Professional Baseball
Duncan by Mary Ann Duncan Dobson Elliott, Moses
Edwards, Thomas, Descendants of Evans, Walter - US Court Judge
FLINT, John 1762/1763 - 1819 James Boys in KY - Barren Co KY connection - by Sandi Gorin
Gadberry Family Johnson, Courtney - Musician "New Grass Revival"
Harrison, Shipley, Piercy & White* by Ruby Shipley Leslie, Preston Hopkins - KY Gov,., Lawyer
Hensley Families of KY by Marty & Karla Grant Nashville Christian Advocate, Death Notices - many people born in Barren Co, KY.
Howell Family History by Tom Howell Obituaries Board - Barren Co KY- Rootsweb - many posted by Sandi Gorin
King, John, Family of by Robert Strong Obituaries - Daily News - Bowling Green - Archives search
The McClure Lineage by James & Marcia Foley Obituaries -Glasgow Daily Times - Archives search
McGuire Cousins by Mike & Bushy Hartman Political Graveyard Politicians born or died in Barren Co, KY
Neville Family Documents Ray, John, Dr.

Pardue Family Heritage by Don Pardue

Trigg, Haiden -"Trigg Fox Hound" - Breeder of Fox Hound dogs
Pedigo Family Footprints by Patricia Summers Smith  
Poynter Genealogy Network by Gary Poynter  
The Anderson Renfro Family Home Page by Susan K. Anderson  
Self Family Website - Self Family Association  
Sturgeon, Squire Family by Cheryl Grubb  
My Stewart Ancestors & Related Families by Laura Stewart Civey  
Tinsley Family by Angela Feenerty & Joe Downing  
Waddle/Waddell Family by Edith Bastin  
West Ancestors by Laura Stewart Civey  
Wooten, Turner, Payne, Elmore, Carver, Steenbergen by Sandra Wooten Claywell  
Wright Connection by Ann Brown  

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