Julia Ann Lewis
Petition for Divorce

Contributed by Betsy L. Strader

Barren Co., KY Circuit Court
Filed 13 Nov. 1871

Julia Ann Lewis vs. John Lewis

The plaintiff Julia Ann Lewis states that she was intermarried with the deft. John Lewis on the ___ day of ____ 1847 in the state of Virginia, and removed to Barren County about twenty years ago and that they have lived together as man and wife in Barren County ever since, where the matters herein after complained of occurred within five years-

The plaintiff further states that she has demeaned and hehaved herself towards the deft. during the whole of the time they lived together as man and wife as a virtuous and industrious wife, striving to assist deft in raising and educating their children-

She states that she is the mother of nine children- eight of whom are under the age of twenty one years- and their names are as follows: David, William, Lewis, Jeremiah, Emily, Mike, Duffy, Ann and Louisa-

She states that the defendant John Lewis has confirmed habits of drunkeness of not less than one year's duration, accompanied with a wasting of his estate, and without making any suitable provision for the maintenance of his family-

She further states that the deft has habitually behaved towards her for not less than six months in such cruel and inhuman manner as to indicate a settled aversion to her and to destroy permanently her peace and happiness-

She further states that the defendant has an outrageous and ungovernable temper and that he has attempted to injure pltff and that there is danger to her life ________________.

The plaintiff states that the deft is desolute and reckless and dissipated in his habits and makes no provisions for the maintenance of his family and that the pltff and her children are the owners of a tract of land of about 100 acres in Barren County, KY on which they reside and she states that she has by the exertion of herself and her children accumulated the following personal property viz: 13 head of sheep- two horses- one cow and calf- about 12 or 13 head of hogs and there is on the farm a crop of corn and some oats. She states that the deft claims one horse and __________ the 12 or 13 hogs-

She states that the deft. will fraudulently sell, convey or conceal his property or remove out of the state to prevent the pltff from getting the necessary maintenance for herself and children- Wherefore she prays for a divorce from the said John Lewis and that she be restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried woman- and that the deft be restrained from selling and disposing of the 13 head of sheep- one gray horse- one cow and calf and the corn and oats until the final trial of this cause and she prays that an attachment issues to afsd respt for the black horse and the 13 head of hogs and that they are delivered to pltff to assist to supporting defts family- She prays that she ______ adjudged the care and custody of her minor children- and she prays for all proper relief-

Bohannon and Porter Atty for plaintiff