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Frankfort, KY, Friday, September 25, 1818

The Argus of Western America was a newspaper published in Frankfort in the early 19th century. The following is taken from the September 15, 1818 "extra" edition in the collection of the Manuscript Department of the Kentucky Historical Society. The following list is incomplete. Note: Property owned and taxes due did not necessarily mean that the land owner was a resident of that County, but merely that the property was located that County.

Noice of Delinquent Taxpayers 1818

Notice is hereby given, That the Direct Tax of the United States for 1816 on the following described property situate in this state, having remained unpaid one year form the time of the notification of the Collector in whose distric the said property lies, that the tax had become due and payable; the same, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the said tax due thereon, with an addition of 20 percent, will be sold at public sale at the court-house in the town of Lexington, in the county of Fayette, on the 18th day of November 1818, at 10 o'clock A.M. and to adjourn from day to day until the sales are completed.

6th District - Barren County
Taxable Persons Property Descripton $ Amt Owed   Taxable Persons Property Descripton $ Amt Owed
Anderson, Jos. 157a Sulpher Lick Crk .61   M' Caw, James D. 750a Skegg's Crk 1.37
Beverly, Carter 800a Peter's Crk 3.12     474a Skeeg's Crk 1.90
Bosley, ?? 1000a Skeeg's Crk 1.95     750a Skeeg's Crk 1.00
Bradford, C.F. 1400a Beaver Crk 9.26     525a Little Barren .65
  700a Barren river 2.73   M' Gaw, ?? 670a between Skegg's & Beaver Crk .98
Bray, ?? 666a Skegg's Crk 2.60   M?aulis, Mary 360a Little Beaver 1.40
Brough, Zach. 1000a Indian Crk .93   Mason, S.T., heirs 1380a Skegg's Crk 6.74
  400a Beaver Crk 3.11     225a Barren Crk .43
  1000a Peter's Crk .93     2000a Big Barren 3.90
Callender, Eleazer 1000a Big Barren River 2.93   Maupin, R.A. 1200a Bay's Fork 4.63
Cann, William 200a Green River 1.1?     606a Bay's Fork 1.95
Carney, John 1000a White oak Branch ??     200a Bay's Fork .39
Carter, ?? 1000a Caney fork 2.93   Mitchell, James 400a .39
Carter, Robert 100a Green River .78   Mitchell, John A. & Co. 650a Big Barren .?
Clarke, Jona, heirs 1000a Green River 3.90     290a .14
  200a Gasper's .39   Mitchum, ?? 500a Beaver Crk 3.?0
  400a Gasper's .39   Muse, Jeremiah 966a south fork of Little Beaver 3.03
Clarke, William 233a Skegg's Crk .78   Muse, Walker 850a south fork Little Barren .83
Coalson, Rawly 1000a Big Barren River 3.90   Obannon, John 400a Little Barren .78
  1000a Skegg's Crk 2.93   Palmer, John 20a Spring Crk .7?
Condra, Richard 100a Lime Crk .16   Preston, John 1090a Beaver Crk 8.50
Conner, Samuel 200a Lime Crk .?3   Quarles, ?? 1000a Skegg's Crk 1.47
Disen, John 100a Puncheon Camp .58   Reynolds, Th. heirs 509a Indian Crk 1.60
Duncan, Ingram & Co. 23?0a South fork Little Barren 6.72     1500a Big Barren river 4.38
  1000a head of South Fork 2.93   Rountree, Nath 109a south fork Beaver Crk 1.17
  284a Fallen Timber .50   Rountree, W. 250a east fork Barren River .10
Edloe, John 1116a Barren River 2.72   Scott, Thomas B. 150a Beaver Crk 1.45
Finnie, Rachel 333a Peter's Crk .98     400a Duck Lick fork .24
Gaddy, John 200a .78     200a Whipperwill .20
Garnett, William 225a Skegg's Crk 1.56     400a Terrapin Crk .21
Gartin, Marion H. 100a Lime Crk .20   Sheffer, David 2000a Indian Crk 3.90
Gibson, ?? 1000a Skeeg's Crk 5.85   Sloane, Bryant 2000a Hacker's Branch 3.90
Green, John 260a Blue Springs Crk 1.57   Stone, William 160a Line Crk .20
Hardin, Mark 16a adjoining Glasgow 3.37 1/2   Summers, John 100a E. Fork of Big Barren .39
  200a Fallen Timber 1.56   Swearingen, Benoni 2000a Little Barren 5.85
  250a Skegg's Crk .39     1480a Little Barren 3.69
  200a Swamp lick .39     821a Little Barren 2.54
  275a Blue Spring Crk 1.94     2090a Glaver's Crk 8.00
Hawkins, John ? 2000a Fallen Timber 7.59     600a Bay's fork 2.64
Harvie, M. heirs 100a Skegg's Crk .3?     435a Big Barren 2.1?
Heron, James, heirs 100a Skegg's Crk 3.51     500a Boyd's Crk 3.69
  806a ?.37   Walker, John 300a Little Barren river 1.17
Hughes, John agent 1200a Big Barren River 2.34   Wallace, Wm. 280a Skegg's Crk 1.95
Jamison, Wm., Jr. 250a 1.80   Westcott, Wright 1000a Skegg's Crk 3.90
Lapsley, Jas. 190a Skegg's Crk 1.85   Wileman, Amos 194a 1.38
        Williams, Samp. 200a Mill Crk .98
        Woolridge, J.W. 2000a E fork of Little Barren .98
        Young, Wm. 148a Big Barren River .29

Compliments of Kentucky Ancestors Genealogical Quarterly of The Kentucky Historical Society, Spring 1996 Vol 31 No3 pg145 ; Summer 1996 Vol 31 No4 pg182-184

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