Barren County KY
Will Book 2


Abstracted from the works of Elizabeth Ellsberry compiled 1958. Page numbers are from the Original Records.
contributed by Sharon Tabor


Beard, Andrew: W: 3 February 1824 /P: May 1824 Wife, Molly; Sons: William and Andrew, Exe. Sons: Alexander and John; Daughters: Betsy Beard, Polly Ferrell, Ibby Hardin, and Peggy McCandless pg378
Bell, William...P: October 1819 ...if William Henry Bell should ever come forward... he shall have two Lotts in the Town of Chaplington on Big Barren River also four hundred dollars in cash; Step-mother, Sarah Bell; two sisters, Fanny Roberts and Elizabeth Bell Witnesses: David Logan and James Dodd, Jr. pg37
Brockman, Ambrose: W: 22 September 1823/P: October 1823 Wife, Frankey; Daughter, Peggy Mary ; Sons: Willis, John William and William, Exe. Witnesses: Waddy Thompson, Nathaniel Craddock, and Williamson Trent pg282
Bybee, James: W: 21 May 1819 /P July 1819 Wife, Betsy; Children: McCan, Nancy, Buford, Byram, Delila, Betsy, William, and Polly Myson, William, Exe. Witnesses: Robert Leeper, John Tudor, and Dougherty pg25
Bybee, John:W: 14 April 1821/ P January 1822 Sons: Lee, Sherard, Exe. All my children Witnesses: B. T. Anderson, Joseph Nevill, and Stacy Bell pg155
Cardin, Reuben: W: November 18, 1820 /P: November 1824 Sons: Charles, Robert, Reuben, James, and David; Daughters: Polly Parrish and Nancy Hulsey, Patsy Poor, Elizabeth Harris, and Dicey; Witnesses: Samuel Newell and John Ford pg395
Chism, James: W: 1 June 1819 /P. July 1819 Wife, Phebe; Brother, Michael and David Hardin, Exe. Witnesses: John Ray, John McPherson, and James Johnston pg30
Cochran, Andrew Sr.: P: October 1821 Sons: Samuel and James; Daughters: Sally, Rachael, and Molly Witnesses: Thomas James, Charles Perkins, and Elender Church pg137
Cock, Henry: W: 29 February 1820 /P: July 1822 Wife, Elizabeth; Son, William Witnesses: Isaac Roberts, Will Simpson, and Isaac Dale pg182
Coe, Rebeca: W: 20 January 1821 /P: February 1821 Abner Hamilton, Exe. Witnesses: Adams D. Hamilton and John Shearer pg98
Dale, Isaac: W: 19 Sept. 1816/ P: August 1820 Wife, Margaret; Daughters: Anna Dale and Rosanna. Children: Reuben Dale, Nancy Shirley, Hannah Sherley, William Dale, John Dale, Milley Gore, Elizabeth Sherley, Isaac Dale, Anna Dale, and Rosanna Dale. Son, Reuben and friend, Isham Hardy, Exe. Witnesses: Presley N. Thomas, George Cook, Thomas Edwards, and Wm. Abbott, Exe. pg67
Deweese, Elisha: :W 19 January 1824 /P February 1824 Wife, Mary; Brother, Cornelious; To Moses Cox who married Sarah Bell, dau. of my said wife; John Walker Bell, son of my wife; Brothers, Samuel and Jonathan; Israel Cox, eldest son of Moses Cox and John Deweese 1/12 of my estate; Witnesses: William Woodjin, Barnett Smith, and Asa Davis pg308
Deweese,Samuel: W: 4 March 1823 /P April 1823 Wife, Rachel; Children: Elizabeth, Polly, Jonathan, David, and Elijah, Elisha Anney, Nancy, and Sally; William Shirley and my son, David, Exe. Witnesses: Cornelious Deweese and Edward Gile3 pg295
Dodd, James: W: 24 October 1822/P: October 1822 Daughter, Ann Carter ... tract of land where George Carter now lives; Daughter, Sally Settle; Daughter, Molly Carter where William Carter now lives; Son, Marshall, dec. to his widow, Margaret ... until her daughter, Eliza becomes of age;. Wife, Leaner; Son, James, Exe. Other children: Sukey Davidson, John, Nathaniel, Allen, Haydon, Bradford, and Lucinda Witnesses: John Beckham, John Morris, and Thomas L. Morris pg192
Dodd, John: W: 2 September 1823 /P: October 1823 Son, Edward;, infant; Wife, Jane; Witnesses: Barnabus Pulliam, William Young, and Mary Harlison pg265
Dougherty, Robert: W: 20 June 1822 /P: October 1823 wife, Nancy; Children: Mary Allen, Robert, James W., Elizabeth Gassaway, Sarah Nancy, Henry, Candor, Gallatin, Mark, Julia French ... Daughter Nancy to one of her uncles, Joseph, of Shelby Co. or James Williams of Jessamine; Son, Joseph; Wife, John Glover, and Robinson P. Beauchamp, Exe. Witness: Lewis W. Bell pg310
Douglas, George: P: November 1820 Sons: Samuel and William ;Daughter, Sally Shaw ; six legatees towit Mary Hill, Nancy Dooley, Betsy Bagby, Nathan Douglas, William Douglas, and Samuel Douglas; Heirs of deceased son John; Heirs of deceased daughter, Milly Newlan Henry F. Greenwood, Exe. Witnesses: John Fox, J. A. Rice, and William Bell pg74
Foster, Carter B.: W: 11 April 1822 /P: May 1822 Wife, Eliza Jane; Son, Robert; Daughter, Catharine Mariah Foster Witnesses: B. B. Winn, J. M. Blain Pg180
Goodall, James W: 13 August 1818/ P: December 1818 Brother, Turner, Exe. Witnesses: John Goodall, Sr. and Robert P. Gist pg9
Goodall, John W 25 Feb. 1815/ P: May 1819 Wife, Clarissa; Sons, Lodowick, James, Turner, Peter C., and Edward; Sons: Thomas, Edward, Peter C., Lodowich, James, and Turner, Exe. Witnesses: James Young and Henry B. Cowles pg16
Grubbs, John: W: 18 July 1818/P: December 1818 Wife, Sarah ;Children: Moody, Susannah Norvill, Anderson, Mary Grubbs, Frances Ford, Thomas, Sarah Williams, Lucy Bush. Thomas and Moody, my sons, and Hardin Davis, Exe. Witnesses: Simeon White, William Glazebrook, and Mary D. H. Grubbs pg:41
Harrison,Reuben, Sr.W: 10 January 1821 /P: October 1824 Daughters: Elizabeth, Polly, Sally, and Judith, and Matilda Carolin; Sons: Robert, Reuben, and Samuel Franklin; Wife, Peggy Witnesses: Lot Bradshaw, Jacob Pock, and Oran Wood pg390
Hill, Isaac:W: 5 July 1822/P: July 1823 Wife, Mildred; Sons: Green, Rolin, and Sanda; Five children in the state of Missouri at this time: John Hill, James Hill, Tempa Alle, Margaret Birdsong, and Anna An Hott Allee; Witnesses: Jno. T. Tunstatt, David Hardin, and John Hamilton pg271
Holtsclaw, Henry: W: 6 September 1823/ P: October 1823 Wife, Polly; Father and mother, Henry and Sally Holtsclaw; Brothers and sisters: James Richard and Enoch Holtsclaw, Milly Nevil, Melindy Bowls, Sally Walters, and Elizabeth Cummins; Edward Gill, Exe. Witnesses: James Cummins, John Harding, and Peggy Cummins Pg280
Hudson, Charles: W: 11 June 1818/P: April 1819 Wife, Jane ; five grandchildren: Jane Elizabeth Lewis, Martha Ann Woodson, Virginia Woodson, Levan Bonaparte Woodson, and Robert Lowelling; Woodson William Lewis, husband of Jane Elizabeth ;To Joseph Crockett Woodson execution against Tucker More Woodson My friends, Henry Crutcher and Samuel Mrrell, Exe. Witnesses: Thomas Mayfield, John Perkins, and Peter B. Ewing pg:21
Humphrey, John: W: 8 March 1822 /P: May 1822 Wife, Margaret, Exe. Sons: Robert and Jackson; Children: Sophia Balding, William Humphrey, Nelly Everitt, James Humphrey, and Susan Pace Witnesses: Samuel Murrell, Jno. Garnett, Jr. Pg167
Lyon, John W: 26 April 1818 /P: February 1820 Wife, Phebe; Daughter, Sally Trowbridge; Pleasant May and Daughter, Polly, his wife Witnesses: Isham Hardy and David Edwards pg48
Monroe, John: W: 30 July 1819/ P: January 1821 Wife, Lucy Witness: J. R. Underwood pg 86
Pointer, William: W: 7 October 1818 /P: October 1820 Sons: William, Thomas, Joseph, and John; Daughters: Milley Perkins, Nancy Chapman, Charity Wilburn, Caty Innis, and Sally Chapman; Wife, Caty, Exe. Witnesses: John Alderson, Archer Craddock, and Ruthy Pointer pg69
Pulliam, Benjamin W: 27 October 1817/ P: December 1817 Wife, Lucy Son, Robert ... land on Green River in Hardin County, Ky. part of James Cowden's 5000 Acre survey deeded to me from Henry Rennick ..Son, Joseph ..Daughter, Mary Dicken.. Daughter, Sary Pulliam ... land which was patented to James Harlan and conveyed by deed from W. J. Wood to Gideon Pulliam, husband of said Sary by my direction Son, Benjamin ... land in Hardin Co. whereon he lives which is part of William Pollards 19,000 Acres survey Son, Thomas Son, William ... land patented to me ??fsu? of Joshua Jourdon whereon he lives Daughter, Nancy Thomas Sons: John and Charles S. Daughters: Lucy Brooks, Elizabeth Amos, Milly Owen Son, James ... lands devised to me by my wife Lucy after her death My daughter, Susannah Jameson ... land in Livingston County patented to myself afse of Richard B. Pulliam My sons, Exe. Witnesses: Jacob Bumgardner, Christian Bumgardner, Jesse Wood, and Dudley Roundtree pg:1
Read, Elizabeth: W:10 April 1821 /P: October 1821 Children: William, Jane Young, Mary Cloyd, James, Sarah Wolfscale, John, dec.; Elizabeth Creth, and Margaret Hariat Witnesses: J. Pool, Edm. Rogers, and Wm. B. Cook pg:136
Read, James W: 23 September 1822 /P October 1822 Sons: Mathew and Lewis; Children: William, James, Elijah, Lewis, and Jane; John Pool and James Read, Exe. pg196
Rodes, John: W: 29 November 1820 /P: August 1822 Wife, Jane Stapleton; Sons: Samuel B., James C., Waller;Son in law, Samuel Redd, Exe. Witnesses: James H. Gassaway, James Hambleton, and Benjamin Gassaway pg183
Sampson, J: W: 30 June 1823 /P: April 1824 To David Shipman; Wife, Rose; Wife's three children; Hezekiah Davidson, Exe. Witnesses: John Cosby, Archaulus Y. Cosby, and John Morris pg318
Scott, Samuel: W: 9 May 1823/P: October 1823 Sarah & Jacke to be freed ; John Hammil; John Hammil, Exe. Witnesses: John Hammil, Samuel Cochran, and James Bennett pg281
Simpson, Davie: W: 22 June 1819/ P July 1819 Wife, Margaret; Son, David; Brother, John, deceased ... Sons, William and David, Exe. Witnesses: Elizabeth Cook and Minerva Simpson pg29
Smith Hugh: W: 8 August 1822 Son, John; Wife; Five daughters; Three sons: John, Berry, and James; Witnesses: John Hammill, John Smith, and James Smith pg185
Snoddy, Robert: W: 26 August 1820/ P October 1820 Daughter, Nancy Lewis; Son in law, John Lewis ... debt due me from Hartwell Epps, of Va. Daughter, Elizabeth Thurman, of Va. Sons: Cary A., John, and Robert; Daughter, Polly; Grandson, Robert Hawkins Lewis ;Wife, Sophia; Sons, Carey and John and Thomas Bransford, Exe. Witnesses: R. P. Beauchamp and Horatio Cleland pg70
Stockton, Robert W: 11 February 1820/ P: October 1824 Eldest son, Robert, deceased; son, Reuben B.; Two youngest sons, James P. and Joseph B.; Daughters: Rachel Howard, Dolly Thompson, Doshey Garnett, Unity Lee, Catharine Bishop, and Prudence Hall; Daughter, Fanny Hall, dec.; Wife, Catharine ;Grandson, Benjamin Hayden; Daughter, Nancy Robertson; Witnesses: George Yates, Alpheus Yates, James A. Sherley, and John M. Sherley pg391
Thompson, John: P: August 1826 Wife, Jane; Son, William, deceased children's money shall be put in the hands of Waddy Thompson; Children: Horatio, David, John, Telitha, and Glen; Witnesses: Waddy Thompson, John Lambreth, and James Williams pg354
Twyman, William: W: 29 April 1820 /P: July 1820 Land I bought of John Bailey and Benjamin Crenshaw ... Children: Frances Twyman and Eliza Willis Twyman; Wife Mildred, Exe. and William Willis of Adair Co. and Twyman Craig of Gallatin Co., Exe. Witnesses: Joel Yancy and Thompson Crenshaw pg64
Walden, William: W: 8 September 1823 /P: October 1823 Wife, Elizabeth and Waddy Thompson, Exe. Children as they come of age; Witnesses: Williamson Trent and David C. Ball pg28)
Walters, Barnabas: W: 14 October 1821/P: July 1822 Wife, Judith; Sons: Andrew and Coonrod Witnesses: H. F. Greenwood, Thomas Duke, Jesse Stalsworth, and Neri Brown pg182
Walters, George: W: 30 October 1818/ P: February 1819 Children: Polly Blackmore, Ruth Pinter, Perlina, Patience, and Fleming Warren ;Wife, Sally; Son in law, William Pinter Jacob Lock and Michael W. Hall, Counselors Witnesses: Robert McClenachan and W. M. Hall pg20
Wheeler, John: W: 6 February 1821 /P: May 1823 Five children: William, Delilah, Polly, Fanny, and Micajah; Wife, Betsy ; To Reuben Kinslow Witnesses: Pleasant Emmerson, B. Wheeler, and Joseph Coleman pg256
Young, James: W:11 August 1821 /P: August 1821 Wife, Frances Witnesses: William Ellis, Thomas W. Wade, and John Ellis pg125